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Dec, 2016

Senate Approves NDAA 2017 Extending SBIR Program, Podcast on SBIR Rights In Technical Data & Software, And Other SBIR Information

December 12, 2016​
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The Amadeo Law Firm is please to be a sponsor of the Federal Government Contractors Holiday Soiree, hosted by our good friends at Jennifer Schaus & Associates.  The networking event will be on December 20, 2016, beginning at 5:30 pm and will take place on the Terrace Level of The Kennedy Center.  For more information about the GovCon event, go here.
Mark Amadeo

Senate Approves NDAA 2017 Extending SBIR Program

On December 8, 2016, the U.S. Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 (“NDAA 2017”), which had passed the House earlier on December 2.  NDAA 2017 is packed with important changes affecting federal government contracting and we will be examining several of those changes in the coming weeks.  With respect to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, which were set to expire on September 20, 2017, NDAA 2017 extended authorization of the programs until September 30, 2022.

Listen To Mark Amadeo’s Podcast Discussing SBIR Rights in Technical Data & Software

In this free podcast, hosted by our good friend Mike Pansky at InterKn, which offers an online platform that provides comprehensive information on SBIR and STTR projects, awards and investors, Mark Amadeo talks with Mike about the SBIR and STTR programs and how small businesses can leverage SBIR and STTR data rights to protect their valuable technologies.  To listen to the podcast without charge, go here or play it from InterKn's web page here.

Agencies Issue SBIR & STTR BAA's

As we reported here in our previous edition of The GovCon Bulletin,™ the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) issued on a pre-release bases its BAA seeking proposals responding to it’s SBIR and STTR topics.  After the pre-release period, topic proposals can be submitted through February 8, 2017.  Several of the eleven (11) other agencies participating in the SBIR and STTR programs issued their BAA’s throughout the Fall as well, and a few of the agencies besides DoD, such as NASA (go here), NIH (go here) and HHS (go here), also are still accepting SBIR and STTR proposals.

More Resources On The SBIR & STTR Programs

Earlier this year, in October, we posted a video on The GovCon Video Blog™ discussing three things government contractors should know about SBIR Rights, and in June, Mark Amadeo conducted a webinar presentation providing a brief overview of the SBIR & STTR programs with Jennifer Schaus, Founder & Principle of Jennifer Schaus & Associates.  Click on the links below to view the vlog and webinar without charge.

Mark A. Amadeo