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The GovCon Video Blog™

Oct, 2016

Rights To Technology Under Federal Government Contracts: Part 4 - Three Things Government Contractors Should Know About SBIR Rights

     If you are a tech startup or small business, you know that obtaining funds to support technology development is not easy.  Calling itself "America's Seed Fund," the government's SBIR program offers a unique and important path to technology funding that does not require equity dilution by tech business owners.  The SBIR program also extends some measure of protection over valuable technical data and software rights that is not available under other government contracts.  In this fourth and final installment of our vlog series covering the rights of federal contractors to technical data, inventions and software, we discuss three things contractors should know about SBIR Rights.  This vlog series picks up where our white paper, Navigating Federal Contracting Rules on Inventions, Software, and Data, A Guide For Technology and Software Companies, leaves off.  If you would like to learn more about SBIR's, please check out our webinar, SBIR'S - The Good, The Bad & The How.

     To listen to this vlog as a podcast click here.  To see other vlogs from The GovCon Video Blog™ go here.

Mark A. Amadeo