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GovCon Webinars

Jul, 2022

Sales Taxes and Federal Government Contracts

     Not too infrequently, federal government contractors are surprised when they receive a vendor's purchase order requiring payment of a state sales tax or an invoice notifying the government contractor for the first time that it is expected to pay a sales tax.  Indeed, federal government contractors that operate on the assumption that all purchases of materials or supplies used on their federal government contracts are automatically exempt from state and local taxes do so at a significant risk to expected government contract profit margins.  In this webinar, Mark Amadeo briefly discusses the federal government's immunity to state and local taxes, the application of sales taxes to purchases made by contractors under federal government contracts, sales tax exemptions, and best practices that government contractors can implement to avoid sales tax surprises and to mitigate their adverse financial impacts. 
     If you missed participating in the webinar, you can view it below.  You can also download the presentation as a powerpoint presentation (here) or pdf (here) and listen to or download the webinar as a podcast (here).  
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Mark A. Amadeo