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GovCon Webinars

Sep, 2018

GSA CTA's (Contractor Teaming Arrangements) - What You Need To Know

     In this webinar hosted by our friends at Jennifer Schaus & Associates, Mark Amadeo discusses briefly GSA's Contractor Teaming Arrangements (CTA's), including the requirements on GSA Schedule Contractors for becoming part of a CTA, the benefits of forming CTA's, the differences between CTA's and FAR 9.6 Contractor Teaming Arrangements, and the application of delivery or task order small business set-asides to CTA's.  The webinar also touches on GSA's guidance on issues such as the contents of CTA Agreements and how ordering agencies should evaluate the performance of CTA team members.  

     If you missed participating in the webinar, you can view it below.  Download the PowerPoint presentation here.  To listen or download as a podcast go here

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Mark A. Amadeo