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Feb, 2016

Rights To Technology Under Federal Government Contracts: Part 1 - Three Things Tech Companies Can Do To Prepare For A Government Contract

February 22, 2016​

Check Out Our Video Blog!  Today we are publishing the first episode of The GovCon Video Blog™!  The vlogs, which can be viewed on our website, are also available on YouTube.  We hope you find them informative and useful!

Mark Amadeo

     So your company has developed or plans to develop a nifty device, app, or software program that will be integrated into a product or service that will be marketed or sold to the federal government.  Here are three things your company can do to prepare if or when it lands that government contract.  This vlog is the first in a series addressing rights to technology used or developed under a federal government contract and picks up where our white paper, Navigating Federal Contracting Rules on Inventions, Software, and Data, A Guide For Technology and Software Companies, leaves off.

     To listen to this vlog as a podcast click here.  To see other vlogs from The GovCon Video Blog™ go here.

Mark A. Amadeo