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The GovCon Video Blog™

Jan, 2020

Four Things Government Contractors Should Know About The SBA's Changes To Revenue-Based Size Standards

     In this episode of The GovCon Video Blog,™ we discuss briefly recent changes by the SBA to how annual revenue is calculated for purposes of revenue-based size standards.  Specifically, we discuss the change from the use of a three-year averaging period to a five-year averaging period, the application of the five-year averaging period to service and non-service industries, the calculation of annual revenue when a segregable business division is acquired or sold during the averaging period, and a transition period during which businesses can choose to use either the old or the new averaging period to calculate annual revenue.  

     To listen to this vlog as a podcast click here.  To see other vlogs from The GovCon Video Blog™ go here.

Mark A. Amadeo