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The GovCon Video Blog™

Aug, 2017

Cybersecurity Rules: Part 1 - Four Things Government Contractors Should Know To Comply With Cybersecurity Rules

     Well before 2016, the federal government began taking steps to protect non-public electronic information made available to government contractors.  Indeed those efforts culminated in three final regulations issued last year, before the elections, that imposed requirements on government contractors to not only safeguard the information they received from the government but also, when performing under contracts with defense agencies, to inform the Department of Defense of any cyber incidents that compromise the information or their information systems.  Over the coming weeks, we will post vlogs covering different aspects of the cybersecurity rules.  In this edition of The GovCon Video Blog,™ we provide a brief overview while addressing four things that contractors should know in order to comply with the cybersecurity rules.

     To listen to this vlog as a podcast click here.  To see other vlogs from The GovCon Video Blog™ go here.


Mark A. Amadeo