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The GovCon Bulletin™

Feb, 2017

Newly Released: Using Joint Ventures To Capture Federal Government Contracting Opportunities, Second Edition - Free Download!

In May and July 2016, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), which is charged with regulating and enforcing the rules on small business participation in federal government contracting, made changes to the regulations that cover the use of joint ventures in federal government contracting. To a large extent, the changes made to the regulations have provided clarity and consistency in how joint ventures can be used by businesses that wish to compete for federal government contracts. But the most significant impact of the changes has been to increase the contracting opportunities that are available to small businesses and the teaming partners that collaborate with them in joint ventures.

Indeed, the recent changes to the rules covering joint ventures clearly are intended to provide small businesses additional incentives to make greater use of joint venture arrangements. As the momentum toward contract consolidation continues, and contracts continue to grow larger and more complex, small businesses participating in the federal government market would do well to explore joint venture arrangements in the face of this federal government contracting reality: small businesses must aggressively establish teaming partnerships to stay competitive.  In this second edition of our white paper, we discuss the rules on joint ventures that enable businesses to form strategic teaming relationships in order to pursue the expanded government contracting opportunities that are now available to them.  Click here to download the paper.

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Mark A. Amadeo