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GovCon Webinars

Oct, 2019

Leveraging Debriefs For Relationship Building

     Government contractors typically request debriefs in order to better understand an agency's selection decision, with eyes toward improving their offers in the future, protesting the agency's exclusion or award decision, or both.  In this webinar hosted by our friends at Jennifer Schaus & Associates, Mark Amadeo discusses briefly how government contractors can make the most out of their debrief sessions, whatever their goals may be.  In particular, the webinar touches on specific actions that government contractors can take before, during, and after their debrief session in order to make effective use of their time with contracting officers and agency personnel present at the debrief and whose decisions impact their agency's buying decisions.

     If you missed participating in the webinar, you can view it below. You can also download the presentation as a powerpoint presentation (here) or pdf (here) and listen to or download the webinar as a podcast (here).  

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Mark A. Amadeo