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Founded by counsel with extensive high stakes litigation experience, the Amadeo Law Firm is a sophisticated litigation and consulting boutique that represents technology companies, emerging growth businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as Fortune 200, local and non-profit companies. The scope of the firm's services goes well beyond merely informing clients of the state of the law, however. The Amadeo Law Firm's customer-centered approach begins with a thorough understanding of a client's operations, the goals of the business, and the aspirations of its owners and leaders.   The firm then puts the law into action by offering "best practices" solutions for the challenges its clients face, whether they involve legal and regulatory compliance, managing employee relations, building collaborative relationships, or protecting intellectual property. 

Advising Tech Companies and Government Contractors

Companies that develop sophisticated technology often face unique challenges as they balance their interest in protecting their intellectual property and ensuring it remains proprietary against the need to find funding partners and resource collaborators.   These issues often become more complex when technology companies choose to sell their goods and services in the public government marketplace.  With an office in Washington, DC, the Amadeo Law Firm's proximity to federal agencies and grant-funding sources enhances its ability to represent national and local companies in federally regulated and government contracting matters, as well as non-profit companies involved in government-funded activities.  Its locations in Bethesda and Frederick, Maryland enable the Amadeo Law Firm to stand poised to assist clients that conduct business along the technology corridors within the Washington-Baltimore-Frederick triangle and that stretch to Northern Virginia. 

A Unique Perspective

The Amadeo Law Firm's litigation experience gives it a unique vantage point to consult clients on laws and regulations that impact government contracting, the employment relationship and employee benefits. Advised by counsel who litigate cutting-edge issues, clients avoid pitfalls that otherwise become apparent to a business only after a suit is filed against it.

Tenacious Advocacy

The Amadeo Law Firm is committed to providing zealous advocacy to its clients. The Amadeo Law Firm's litigation practice is comprised of counsel experienced in high-stakes litigation in federal and state courts, and government agency administrative forums, as well as in alternative dispute resolution proceedings. The most cost-effective solutions when conflicts arise, however, in certain circumstances are those that can be reached through consensus. Thus, when it is in the best interest of a client to pursue a negotiated resolution, the firm will zealously and ethically represent its client in settlement discussions.

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