Pension Plan Sponsors

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Health & Welfare Plans


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Plan Fiduciaries

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Guiding Pension Plan & 401(k) Plan Sponsors & Administrators

Pension & 401(k) plans are subject to a myriad of rules under the Internal Revenue Code, ERISA and other laws.  The Amadeo Law Firm, PLLC guides pension plan sponsors and administrators on the rules that cover the design of a plan, including participation and vesting requirements and procedures for approving or denying claims.  In recent years, the U.S. Department of Labor has issued regulations requiring plan service providers and sponsors to make numerous disclosures on plan investment data and plan expenses charged to employee accounts.  The Amadeo Law Firm helps clients implement compliance strategies to  meet these obligations.

Informing Employers on Health & Welfare Plan Requirements

Health reform under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act brought with it significant changes to the healthcare industry and to the requirements that health providers and employers have to meet.  The Amadeo Law Firm informs its clients so that they have an understanding not only of these changes, but also of their obligations under longstanding laws that impact employee health benefits, such as ERISA and HIPPA.

Educating Plan Fiducaries On Their Duties

Benefit plan fiduciaries are required to meet certain standards of care when they exercise judgment, take action, or choose among a multitude of options.  The Amadeo Law Firm educates fiducaries of benefit plans, which at times are the sponsoring employers, of the highly particular duties, as well as the related liability risks, imposed on plan fiduciaries under federal benefit laws.

The client services we offer provide solutions in a number of areas, including those identified below.  If you have any questions about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sponsor Duties

  • Prohibited Transactions
  • Claims of Imprudence & Self Interest
  • Modifications
  • Participant and Service Provider Disclosures

Benefit Claim Disputes

  • Benefit Claims
  • Lump Sum Calculations
  • Participant Coverage Determinations
  • Cutback Claims

Health & Welfare Benefits

  • ACA Compliance
  • Retiree Health Benefit
  • Disability & Insurance Benefits
  • Severance & Separation Pay

Agency Interactions

  • IRS Closing Agreements
  • IRS Private Letter Rulings
  • DOL Prohibited Transaction Exemptions
  • PBGC Premium & Plan Termination Reporting